Sunday, September 12, 2010

recipes from kayeon eats

Food inspires me. One of my favourite pastimes is to walk around a grocery store to look at all the beautiful ingredients that hold so much potential. Hopefully, I'm doing this when I'm not hungry, as that has proven to be very expensive. Seasonal vegetables like local cauliflower, fresh corn, squash or even beets can really tingle my taste buds and get my creative juices flowing. The best meals are created when you have no idea what to make and the recipe formulates itself as you go along. These recipes have mostly been created in the same manner, and I have had the diligence to write them down in the hopes that I can recreate the same dishes. Some of these recipes have been passed down from my mothers, some I have tweaked and derived from reliable sources, and others I have just created based on flavour combinations based on what I felt like that day. I hope you enjoy recreating these dishes and share them with ones you love. Let me know how it works out!

I will be updating this page as new recipes are posted, so keep checking back for ideas!
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DISCLAIMER: Some of the recipes are experiments. Go to “How the Blog came to Be” to see which ones were recipes of experiments and first timers.

IMG_6007 Vegan Tofu Yam Veggie Dumplings (see Co.ERASGA – 10 years)
IMG_5022 Korean Glass Noodle- Jap Chae
IMG_4433 Whole Wheat Paratha
IMG_3678 Spelt Paratha
IMG_3485 Cumin Fennel Paneer
IMG_3075 Spicy Coriander Chickpea Pancakes

Baked Goods

Gingerbread and Chocolate Roll Out Cookies Gingerbread and Chocolate Roll Out Cookies
Trio of Shortbread Cookies IMG_0162_thumb[3] A trio of Shortbread Cookies: Earl Grey, Matcha Green Tea and Original
IMG_5527 Spelt Whole Wheat Pizza Dough
IMG_6930 Vegan Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes (see Co.ERASGA – 10 years)
IMG_6864 Vegan Chocolate ‘Butter Cream’ Icing (see Co.ERASGA – 10 years)
IMG_5133 Chai Coconut Pumpkin Pie
IMG_4602 Apricot Chocolate Scones
IMG_4614 Chocolate Coconut Macaroons
IMG_4124 Vodka Pie Dough (with Parmesan Cheese)
IMG_4277 Cranberry Pear Apple Pie with Parmesan Crust (see Granville Island Pie Contest)
IMG_2642 Dark Rye Starter
IMG_2732 Dark Rye Spelt Olive Rolls
IMG_2518  Quinoa Banana Almond Bread

IMG_4338 Cranberry Sauce
IMG_3146 Raita
IMG_2751 Classic Genoese Pesto